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The doors are open for the first time in 8 months!

The doors close July 4 with the first call being Wednesday.

But quick!
The doors close July 4.

Become a kick-butt Facebook™ & Instagram™ ad manager that not just gets the ads done and runs - but an ad manager that is an EXPERT at advertising, has SEAMLESS systems, LOVES what they do and WOWs the socks of every client they have.

So you want to work online, but you are seeing most online jobs only pay pennies. One day, you see that an ad manager is charging hundreds of dollars an hour, having 5-figure months and a steady stream of new clients coming in daily. You thought, hey, that sounds pretty dang great! And you set your sights on becoming one too.
It looked so easy, right?

But now, you're struggling to get clients. And you are struggling to find a course that truly helps you with everything.

Most courses you see only teach the bare bones of ads - never the real strategy and funnels that make you become an expert at Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads. And it seems even more impossible to find an ads course that really shows you the behind-the-scenes side of an ads business with workflows, automation, and the customer service involved to grow a truly scalable ads business.

You start to feel like you may need to settle for just being a mediocre ad manager who has to do all the guessing work for strategy and funnels because no course you can find teaches you anything other than just how to do the ads - but not how to be the expert.

But, you haven't given up just yet. 

You WANT to be the expert in your field.

You WANT to have justifiably high-ticket prices.

You WANT to do ads without feeling like you have to do a ton of guesswork that can possibly go wrong.

You WANT to be a confident and kick-butt ad manager that drives results for your clients.

You WANT to make a difference in your clients' lives with your strategy.

And you know what? You deserve it.
You can absolutely be an expert Facebook™ and Instagram™ ad strategist that not only is great at what they do but makes a difference in their clients' lives and makes a difference in YOUR life as you continue to charge high-ticket prices for your services - ultimately giving you the freedom you truly deserve.

This is your time.

If I did it, you ABSOLUTELY can do the same. And even quicker than me.




The Ads Wiz is a 6-week live group program teaching you everything you need to not only be a Facebook™ and Instagram™ Ad Manager but to be an EXPERT at what you do and someone who knocks the socks off every client with seamless systems and workflows.

In the program, you will be taught how to run successful Facebook™ and Instagram™ ad campaigns for your clients. But there's more - we'll have a special focus on the funnels and strategy you need to know for courses, memberships and coaches that lead to wildly successful campaigns that leave your clients raving about you to the whole world!

And that's not it! In addition to setting you up with the strategies you need to be a true expert in your field, I will give you a full insight into the behind-the-scenes of running a successful ads business including showing you what workflows, systems, and customer service techniques I use that have helped me go from $0 a month to $12K months within 6 months with my ads biz.

Don't just be like any other ad manager; be an expert at what you do, someone who loves their work and who has clients raving about you to the world!

"The Ads Wiz CHANGED my life!


I can not shout praise enough about The Ad Wiz course.


Hollie is amazing!


In 6 weeks I went from a complete novice, not understanding anything about ads to, not only starting my own business but fully understanding everything it takes to be an Ad Strategist!


EVERYTHING is laid out for you.


I feel so confident now and it has been the best decision I've made in my life! Even the little things you don't think about are there for you. Honestly, I cannot rave enough, take the leap and change your life!"

Laura H

Sol got her first client before the Ads Wiz finished!

"I can't recommend enough the Ads Wiz. I came with ZERO knowledge and by zero I really mean ZERO and before finishing the last week I've already launched my first successful campaign

There are a lot of trainings going around on the Internet, but in six weeks you will learn what you need to do, and how to do it. Hollie is also very generous and will give you great advice during the weekly call or on the FB group. 

Before finding Hollie, I was looking for a change in my life, my work, but I wasn't sure what I could do. I've taken from this training not only the knowledge she shared with us but the confidence that a new life, a new beginning is actually possible. So if I'm allowed to give anyone any advice, it would be: make the leap, sign up to the Ads Wiz training, and start changing your life NOW."


Hi, I'm Hollie!


I'm a successful Facebook™ and Instagram™ ad strategist.


But it wasn't always like that.

I used to be a broke backpacker travelling the world, dreaming of just the chance to be a digital nomad being able to travel and make money at the same time.


It felt so, so unachievable for such a long time.

So when I finally got some virtual assistance work for $15 an hour after a few years of trying to get online, I felt thankful.

But after a while, that wasn't enough.

I didn't want to work on someone else's time.

I wanted to wake up and choose what I did with my day.

I wanted to have multiple clients online, never depending on just one.

And not only that, I wanted to be paid what I deserved. 

Heck, I wanted to travel the world and get as many mojitos as I want without thinking about my budget!

So I set out on a mission.

It was time to up-skill my business and truly create a life of autonomy for myself.

So I started a business as a Facebook™ and Instagram™ ad strategist. And I made sure I was really damn good at what I did.

One thing led to another and I went from having $0 months to having $12K+ months within 6 months - and that was from only working a few hours a week with my business.

No more cheap budget beers at hostels anymore for this girl!

But it's not always as linear as my story.

I know a lot of ad managers that struggle to launch and grow rapidly in their business. From what I've seen, they are missing these 3 things:

1. Making a point to establish themselves as an expert.
2. Having the systems and workflows they need to scale.
3. Making sure they give a great customer experience.

These 3 simple things are so simple but they truly are what sets you apart in this industry.

Having these 3 simple things have given me the autonomy I always thought was unattainable, fulfilled my dream of travelling the world while making great money, and has allowed me to change the life of my clients.

All this, I want for you.

I was just any other person, being broke and hoping for something to change. I've tried and failed at it many times - and there's no shame in that. We all need to fall a few times until we can truly stand in our strength.

There was no magic wand that made me have 5-figure months overnight.

It was good old fashion hard work.

And that's all you need, to take in everything being taught to you and work hard to get to your goals.

Let me make getting to those goals way simpler with the Ads Wiz.

Natalie got her first 3 clients in the first 2 months AND gets consistent discovery calls a week!

"Before the Ads Wiz, I was working as a VA. I was overworked, not paid much, and not happy with the work that I was doing. I felt completely lost until the Ads Wiz. This was step-by-step, everything I needed to run ads. I felt continually supported and I feel confident!"


It's been 8 months since the doors were open.
Don't miss out!

Chrystil got her first 3 clients by the end of the program!

"Hollie and The Ads Wiz are awesome! 

It was amazing, within weeks I was able to offer ad services and in fact, just today I had another connect call for another potential client with my ads biz! But that is just how fantastic this program is. 

It is EVERYTHING you are going to need, not just to run ad services but to get your business up and running too.


Hollie provides you with everything; systems, structure, and the most important, support! Hollie is a great mentor, has achieved great things, and has mapped it all out, all you need to do is take the leap out of your comfort zone and go for it! I hope to see you inside."


Being an ad manager doesn't need to be all guesswork. You can be an expert - with the ads wiz


Week one ​we cover the basics of setting up the accounts you need to start ads, the basics of being an ad manager, and funnels.

Basic Set-Up


  • Set up a business manager

  • Set up ad accounts

  • Facebook ad policies

  • Domain verification

  • What pages are needed for ads

Being an ad manager

  • The types of ad managers

  • What to charge

  • How to best manage your clients' expectation

week one: Back to the Basics

Week two ​we cover how to set up your pixel, events and how to create kick-butt audiences that truly make the difference on how to make more $$ for your clients.


  • What is a pixel

  • How to install the pixel

  • How to set up standard events + custom conversions

  • Setting up your 8 events


  • Types of audiences and how to set them up

  • Cold audience mining to make for higher converting ads

week two: Pixels, Audiences + Targeting

Week three ​we cover how to make amazing graphics and copy that SELLS.

  • Creating graphics that wow

  • Creating higher-converting copy

  • How to get your creative juices flowing for your ads

Creating great copy and creative can be daunting, but it doesn't have to with this week's training.

week Three: Creative that sells

Week four we go over the types of campaigns and how to set them up. You will be taught every single step involved in each campaign and how to make sure they are best optimized!

  • The ad hierarchy

  • The types of ad campaigns and why you would choose them according to your campaign goals​

  • A step-by-step guide on how to set up each campaign

  • Best practices for how to keep in good standing with Facebook when submitting campaigns

Week four: Campaign Set-up

Week five is how you truly set yourself apart as an expert. You will be taught the types of funnels for ads and best practices for running high-converting ads for courses, memberships, and coaches.


  • Funnels training with expert funnel and launching strategist, Renee Serrant-Layne

Strategy for course creators, memberships + coaches

  • List-building

  • Self-liquidating offer

  • Evergreen vs live launching

  • Evergreen

  • Live Launching

  • Best practices for coaches

Best practices for local businesses

  • Best route for ads for locals businesses

Week five: Funnels + how to Have a Kick-butt strategy

Week six is how to understand the performance of your ads, how to troubleshoot any problem that arises, and how to scale your ads up.

  • Understanding key performance indicators

  • How to troubleshoot lacking KPIs

  • How to troubleshoot a disabled account

  • How to troubleshoot a rejected ad

  • How to deal with "learning-limited"

  • And many other moments to help you troubleshoot!

  • How to scale your ad campaign 

Week six: measuring performance, troubleshooting and scaling

What's included:

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white laptop.png
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white lightbulb.png

New Trainings released weekly On Mondays

6 live group coaching calls On WEDNESDAYs

white checklist.png

bonus + supplementary content

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Laura Ambrose Headshot (2).png


"Before this course, I had ZERO knowledge of how to be a Facebook and Instagram Advertising Strategist.

Fast-forward 6-weeks and I have the confidence, knowledge, and support to launch my own business and start helping businesses reach their potential and goals.  None of this would be possible without the step-by-step guidance of Hollie.


She is not just another expert trying to sell a course to make money. Hollie is invested in your success and is a true mentor. You will be given so much information in The Ads Wiz about all aspects of not only running ads, but how to set up and run your business.

In addition to the course, you get weekly coaching calls with the group where you can clarify or ask any questions for Hollie to answer live to the group or you can post questions to the group in the private Facebook group. You will truly never feel alone when you join this amazing opportunity! I hope that anyone that may be having any self-doubts about the possibility of learning a new career in 6-weeks, or if this course is worth the money, or if the person providing the course truly believes in helping others, then let me assure you that you are in amazing hands with Hollie. You will be given such an unbelievable amount of value and knowledge throughout the 6-weeks. Best of luck on your journey to becoming a Facebook and Instagram Advertising Strategist! Hollie will see you on the inside!"

Laura A

What makes The ads wiz different?


We help you become an expert

You will be taught strategies that will, not only make you more confident ad running ads but help you get amazing results that make your clients want to tell the world


Have all you need to run your biz with templates and bonus trainings

Have everything I use in my business, my workflows, checklists, on-boarding process, emails... You name it, you get it!


exclusive behind-the-scenes insight in running an ads biz 

Nothing feels more frustrating than being taught a skill only to be left high and dry to figure out all the rest of actually running your business. That won't be happening here! You will be able to see all that I do to run a successful ads biz.


Private FAcebook community

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey - but it won't be with The Ads Wiz! Be apart of a community that has the same struggles and dreams as you and all the support you deserve!

But quick!
The doors are closing

Circle - Kelly Pic.png

"Worth. Every. Penny."

Kelly M

Pay options

Investment Options

You have until July 4 then the doors are closed.


Save $360!


It's time to take control of your life with

your own ads biz




Our first call will be Wednesday, July 6, and will be weekly on Wednesday. Time TBC.



Absolutely! I believe that continuous development and education are how you truly become the best at what you do. And The Ads Wiz is a truly different course with how it helps you with your strategy and how to run your ads biz.


Yes! I will teach you from absolutely scratch how to run ads. You do not need any experience before this course.



​No problem at all! You will have full access to the replays and you can still submit questions to our group coaching calls for me to answer.



Yes! I will train you on the new changes and the best practices to avoid any disruptions. I also have a Facebook Ad Rep to keep us in the loop!



E-commerce is a very different space in the world of ads and for that reason, we are focusing on what I can help you become an expert in, which is ads for course creators, coaches, memberships as well as local.


Absolutely! I will never leave you alone on this journey. We will have a membership offer at the end of the course to that will have continued support for you with coaching calls, ad templates, and bonus trainings.



If you want to able to run ads for clients this is for you. This is even more perfect for you if you want to be more than just an ad manager, but to be an expert at what you do!


For the duration of the 6-weeks, every Monday we will release a new training and a group coaching call will be the following Wednesday to go over any questions you may have. If you can't make it live, you can submit your questions in advance and watch the replay.


In short, no. It is important to me that I serve my students the best I possibly can and having everyone join at once is how I do this. The Ads Wiz is only open a couples times a year and last time the doors were open was 8 months ago, so be sure not to miss out!


For the duration of the 6-weeks, every Monday we will release a new training and a group coaching call will be the following Wednesday to go over any questions you may have. You will have access to this course for the lifetime of the Ads Wiz program.


"The Ads Wiz is AMAZING!"



before you go..

Look, I get it.

Taking a chance on yourself is scary.

But you know what's even scarier? Staying stuck where you are. And leaving your dreams to be just that - dreams.

If I didn't take a chance on myself, I wouldn't be where I am today and I most certainly would not be offering this course right now.

Becoming an ad strategist has changed my life. 

I never thought it was possible to get where I am today, having 5-figure months and travelling the world. But it happened, and way quicker than I thought.

If I did, you ABSOLUTELY can.

You just need to make the leap and you can make your dream a reality.


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