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We're hiring!

Virtual ASsistant 

Hollie & Co are looking for a Virtual Assistant for 9-10 hours a week starting in January.


About my businesses:


#1 - I am a Facebook and Instagram Ad Strategist for online experts (


#2 - I am a course creator + membership owner ( that runs a group for established and aspiring online entrepreneurs (



What I need:

  • FB group growth (recommending the group on designated posts.) 

  • Social media interaction within the group.

  • Weekly client lead generation for my ads work; this is 2.5 hours on Monday going through a list of FB groups finding where leads are looking for ads help.

  • Someone who takes initiative and needs little management to get tasks done.

  • These are not the funnest of tasks which is exactly I’m hiring someone to do the extra admin work I do not enjoy. So if you love admin and don’t mind these tasks, this job is for you! 

  • Please note: I am happy to pay fairly without question (definitely no $5 an hour in my vocabulary, ever.) However, since this is basic admin tasks, I will not be able to accommodate premium rates at this time.

  • My business is on the up and we are about to go through a huge launch in January which we expect the role and hours to grow. In this case, the tasks will likely grow with tasks being expanded to retention (following up with those whose payment plan has bounced, etc), inbox management, and social media post scheduling.


How I work:


  • I don’t micromanage, I trust you to get the job done as the results speak for themselves.

  • I don’t track your hours and times that you work. The only day I need set is for Mondays I need ads leads (2.5 hours.) If the odd week you need to move it to the following day, totally fine.

  • I'm not all about getting the task done and calling it a day, I love a bit of personality, chat, dog videos and GIFs!


*I will be offering a paid trial to start*

**Massive bonus points if you send a quick video introducing yourself**


Please send your rates/packages, a way to book in a call with you, and a GIF to

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