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We're hiring!

Facebook + Instagram Ad Manager

Hollie & Co is rapidly growing and looking for a Facebook Ad Manager assistant to join our team! We are looking for 20 hours a month (5 hours a week most weeks with some weeks being 7 hours) with room to grow. The rate for this is 25-40 USD or 25-50 CAD per hour.

About my business:


I am a Facebook and Instagram Ad Strategist for mainly online experts (

What I need:

​I run a very busy Facebook + Instagram ads business and I would love to have someone be my right hand to do the tasks involved in running campaigns, and keeping up with the client roster on Voxer (so I can take more time for myself and my second business!) while l oversee the strategy.

Your tasks:

  • On-boarding + off-boarding clients.

  • Pixel installation.

  • Setting up standard events and custom conversions.

  • Audience set up (cold, lookalike, warm) and cold audience mining/ research.

  • Sales funnel auditing.

  • Weekly ad reporting.

  • Ad optimization and testing.

  • Troubleshooting rejected ads, disabled ad accounts, and lacking KPIs.

  • Daily checking of ads and adjustments.

  • Creating graphics and copy for ads.

  • Be the clients' contact throughout our time together. We will be in a group Voxer chat with the client where most of the time I will be the contact as far as strategy and you will be the contact regarding anything else as well as when I am not available to respond. Our clients know we have a 1 business day turnaround for responding (Monday-Thursday) so you are not expected to respond asap each time.

What you need:

  • To be available Mon - Thursday for contact. Ideally PST, MST, CST, or EST time zones.

    • I am currently based in New Zealand so I am looking for someone who can be the main contact and answer my clients (all are US based currently) during US hours. Then when I come online, we can do a bit of a crossover with us both for any questions/ tasks collaboration.

    • Monday - Thursday are client and team contact days with Friday being doing tasks on your own (or just have the day off if you're all caught up for the week!)

  • To have a comprehensive understanding of Facebook + Instagram ads (must have done a course that is specifically for advertising on Facebook + Instagram.)

  • To be comfortable being client-facing. I will take all the sales and kick-off calls but we will be in a group chat in Voxer where we will be doing voice notes and you will be the contact throughout the day.

  • An understanding of sales funnels. I do not expect you to create sales funnels, but ads are only as good as their sales funnels so you need to be able to spot a bad funnel from a great one and know how to communicate fixes that are needed to have a higher converting funnel. I have my own module from my course breaking this down that I can give you access to if you would like a better understanding of them.

  • To be organized. I know this goes without saying but it is so important that you are organized and pay attention to detail, even more so when it comes to advertising. We will have systems in place and a project management tool to keep this as simple as we can for you and our team.

  • A great communicator. I don't mind if there are delays, life happens and I am easygoing. However, when we don't communicate them, that is when we have cracks in our delivery. So simply, communicate and I am here to help!

  • Multi-tasker - we have multiple clients so the ability to handle multiple clients is a must.

  • To like to have fun! I am not here to tell you what to do and be on my merry way; I care about my team members, their passions and I love a bit of chat so don't be afraid to let your personality shine! I also love dog videos and GIFs so send 'em my way!

  • Be comfortable on your own. A big part of my hiring for this role is that I want to enjoy the benefits of owning a business and enjoy holidays where my staff can cover for me. 

The software we use:

  • ClickUp

  • Slack

  • Canva

  • Voxer

How I work:

  • I don’t micromanage, I trust you to get the job done as the results speak for themselves.

  • I don’t track the hours and times that you work - this is on you and I trust you to do what is best for you and your productivity.

  • I am happy to fill in gaps and help mentor someone who is newer to ads for running them, however, prior knowledge and training is an absolute must for this.

  • Communication is my #1 value in my business. I don't mean message-me-all-the -time when I say that. I mean "hey Hollie, I'm behind on a task, can you help fill in with this?" - I LOVE that. Communication makes us so much stronger as a team so please don't hesitate to just ask! 

  • I love systems! I have a great setup in ClickUp that breaks down all the steps for each campaign as a to-do list and it makes everything so much easier.

  • I am always happy to hear your ideas to make things better and see how we can collaborate together!

  • We love a 4-day work week! So my clients are fully aware that my team and I are only available Monday to Thursday for contact.

  • I'm not all about getting the task done and calling it a day, I love a bit of personality, chat, dog videos, and GIFs!


*I will be offering a paid trial to start*

**Massive bonus points if you send a quick video introducing yourself**


Please fill in our application RIGHT HERE and we will be in touch to book a call!

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