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Early bird:

Grow your reach and income by going from 1-to-1 clients to 1-to-all with your very own digital products

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This is a
brand new offer.

So you're getting

the lowest price this
will ever be

For this time
this intensive will be $497.

The next time will be $997.

And we will keep raising the price
until it is $5,000.

With your service-based business, you're inevitably going to hit a wall.

There's only so many clients you can take on before you need to take on team members and even more workload.

And hell, sometimes you just want to be able to make the money you want without always having to be taking on the weight of discovery calls, client calls, Voxer voice notes, and all the tasks that come with it.

You see these amazing online experts with their courses and memberships and your eyes light up.

You say to yourself "how AMAZING would it be to make amazing money without all the hours of 1-to-1 clients?!"

"How cool would it be that I film something once then it continues to sell without be having to be there?"

"How BADASS would be to have another, more passive stream of income in my life?"

You want to be able to reach more people with your own courses and memberships.

You want to not be needed as intensely as you are in your service-based business.

You want to be able to film your teachings, put them up online and be able to have that course continuously bought without you having to be there.

And this is where my intensive comes in.

What is this intentive?

This intensive is how we map out your journey from a service-based business to badass online expert.

In our one-to-one intensive we will go over where your business currently is and where you want it to be by adding digital products. Then break down the actionable steps and strategy you need to get there.

After our session, I will set up a breakdown of our call with your plan of action to create your best digital product business.

As an ad/ launch strategist for online experts and a course creator myself, I have been a part of COUNTLESS amazing launches:

Just a few course and membership launches I've been a part of:

$1K Ad spend with $16K sales

for a course launch.

$1.3K Ad Spend with $33.7K SAles

For a Membership Launch.

$4.2K Ad Spend with $28.9K SALES

For a Course + Membership Launch.

$8.2K ad spend with $84K sales

for a course launch.

These are just to name a few. Not to even note the clients I've helped grow their email list to 12K email lists from 0, growing my own list from 0 to 15K emails and so many more wins with my online expert clients!

So what are you waiting for?

Let's do it.

And for 90% off of the price it's going to be.

This price will NEVER exist again
for this intensive.


Investment options:

What's included?

Work before the call

I will get in touch with you to schedule your intensive call. From here, I will be sending you a questionnaire to fill so I can get as much information as I need for us to fully take advantage of our time together on the call. After you've filled out your questionnaire, I will get started on prepping a custom strategy for you for our intensive.


On the call

We'll have a 1-2 hour session on Zoom where we get straight to it and map out your custom plan and strategy for you creating your own digital products business that makes a true impact on your income and your students' lives.


After the call

Within a week you will receive a recording of our session and a customised game plan on how you will create your digital products business and the strategy you need to get there.


Investment options:

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