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 Empower & 

 The mastermind that empowers you to go from being stuck on the 1:1 client  
treadmill to making a bigger impact with your own digital products 

Empower & Impact is a 6-month mastermind on EXACTLY what you need to do to turn what you already know into a successful course business!

This is a brand-new course that has only been tested with a few lucky students secretly for the last few months and now we are officially going LIVE with Empower & Impact.

Because you are one of the first people to join this mastermind, for one time only, we are giving a massive $1500 off of the price to join for only $250 a month for 6 months or 1 payment of $1400.

My courses usually cost $1500 for every 6 weeks, you will be getting me for SIX months instead for $1400 with even more training and support.

But not for long.

This beta discount is only available until Wednesday, Sept 6 at 11.59pm PST and then the price will immediately go up to $3K and we will continue to raise the price until we are a $10K mastermind.

The Early bird discount of $1500 off ENDS TODAY:


With your service-based business, you're inevitably going to hit a wall.

There's only so many clients you can take on before you need to take on team members and even more workload.

And hell, sometimes you just want to be able to make the money you want without always having to be taking on the weight of discovery calls, client calls, Voxer voice notes, and all the tasks that come with it.

You see these amazing online experts with their courses and memberships and your eyes light up.

You say to yourself "how AMAZING would it be to make amazing money without all the hours of 1-to-1 clients?!"

"How cool would it be that I film something once then it continues to sell without be having to be there?"

"How BADASS would be to have another, more passive stream of income in my life?"

You want to be able to reach more people with your own courses and memberships.

You want to not be needed as intensely as you are in your service-based business.

You want to be able to film your teachings, put them up online and be able to have that course continuously bought without you having to be there.

This is where Empower + Impact comes in.


 Empower &

Mastermind mockup.png

A 6-month long mastermind to get you from service provider to kick-butt online expert with your very own courses.

This is a brand new program which means you get an AMAZING discount for being an early bird member.

This program will be $10K for 6 months.

You get it for $1400 for 6 months for this time only.

That is over 85% off!

For this time only, you can join for 85% off before we immediately double the price to $3K and continue to raise the price until it's $10K.

Wondering why there's such a big discount?

Well, every time I make a new program, I offer a one-time-only huge discount to give them the opportunity to have huge progress for a small price.

That's not to say this program isn't proven.

I have been working one-to-one with course creators for over 3 years now and have had wild success

(keep scrolling if you want to see numbers!)

Now I'm ready to help make a bigger impact on more people with this mastermind, Empower & Impact.

EMPOWER: give the authority or power to do something.


 phase 1 
The Funds are in the Foundations


Goal Setting 

The most successful course creator know the power of goal setting. We go over the types of goals, how to set them and how to work backward from these goals to create success in your business.


Master your messaging

People aren't going to buy from you if they don't know what you do. In this training, we will cover everything you need to truly hone in on your messaging to make buying from you a no-brainer! In this training we will help you decide your posiition, find what sets you apart from the rest and hone in on the transformation you create for your future students



The anatomy of a successful offer

  • The types of offers

  • Breaking down what makes a successful offer

  • What's a pillar program

  • Having an offer suite


Deciding your offer

  • Decide your pillar program

  • Create your program outline

  • Choosing your deliverables

  • The specs you need set-up in your portal

 phase 2 
Impact = Audience

It's as clear as the title. If you want to make an impact, you need to grow your audience. It sounds intimidating at first but growing your audience is *not* as complicated as you think it is. In this phase, we go over all things audience growth, we break down multiple ways to do it (and don't worry, you don't need to to them all) and how to passively grow your audience on a daily basis.


The Power of an audience

  • What is a warm audience and why does it matter so much

  • Why it is important to prioritize getting someone on your email list vs just a follower base

  • Understanding the true meaning of quality over quantity 



All things Lead magnets

  • Revisiting your messaging

  • What's a lead magnet

  • The types of lead magnets

  • Testing lead magnet

  • The many ways of list building

  • Passive vs. active list-building methods

  • Choosing your list growth method(s)

  • How I would grow my list on each platform if I were to start again today



Start growing your list

  • Creating your lead magnet

  • Where to send people to sign-up

  • How to organically grow your audience on multiple platforms

 phase 3 
Strategize & Sell


Sales Funnels

  • What is a sales funnel

  • The types of sales funnels online experts use

  • Deciding which sales funnel is best for you

  • Elements of a sales funnel


Creating your Sales Funnel

  • The specs you need for your landing, thank you, and sales pages

  • Examples of successful landing pages, thank you pages, and sales page

  • What software to use for creating all your pages

  • Emails, emails, emails! All the kinds of emails you need in place according to what step you are in the funnel


Get paid before you create

What better than getting paid before you even film your course or membership? I'm going to show you how to plan out your beta launch so you can get paid before you film a thing! In this, I'll break down what's a beta launch, what you need in place before you do it, how to sell your offer and so much more.


You've got students, now what?

You've finished your beta launch and now it's time to get the ball rolling! In this training, we'll go over your plan to film, what you need in place and everything you need to do before your first round of early-bird students come through your program.

Ready, Set, Scale!


It's time to do your first official launch!

  • The types of launches

  • How each launch type converts

  • Free vs paid webinars

  • Decide what launch model fits you best

  • What makes a successful webinar

  • Understanding what your goal KPIs for each launch

  • The pre-launch run-up

  • Top tips before your webinar


Plan your Long-term growth strategy

Sales come from consistency. We're going to put all the pieces together from everything you've learned before this and create a solid sales strategy that brings you in sales on a consistent basis without all the burnout!


Scale Your offer

  • Facebook + Instagram ads for list growth and launching

  • Hiring team members to scale your business quicker!

IMPACT: have a strong effect on someone or something.

What's included:


Pre-Recorded + Live trainings


Group coaching calls


Review of your  work
(course outline, sales page, marketing materials, ads, and more)


Action plans


"aha!" Moments workbook


private Facebook group

private voxer group


This is for you if:

This isn't for you if:

✅ You know that success comes from your own work

✅ You are ready to join a program that gives you everything you need and more to be the successful course creator you know you can be

✅ You understand the power of community  

✅  You’ve hit the income ceiling in your business

✅  You find yourself exhausted with doing your client work

✅ You want to make the money you want without always having to be taking on the weight of discovery calls, client calls, Voxer voice notes, and all the tasks that come with that.

✅ You WANT to make an impact with more people with your own programs

✅ But you also WANT to make an impact on your income that doesn't involve you having to take on more clients

✅  Also, if you don’t like the mundaneness treadmills... Lol!

🚫 You expect success to happen overnight

🚫 You don't want to put in the work
🚫 You'd rather make excuses than get off your hiney and put in the work

🚫 You’re decided that the way you’ve grown your business is the only way 

🚫 You don't want support from a community

​🚫 You believe that investing in your business (and yourself) is not a priority

🚫You don’t want a ton of value at an absolute steal!

The proof is in the pudding.


Here are some amazing results I've gotten for my clients and myself:

Growing my Facebook group to

30K Members to sell to

Growing my own email list from

0 to 16K emails

$16K sales

for a course launch.


$33.7K SAles

For a Membership Launch.

$28.9K SALES

For a Course + Membership Launch.

$62K sales

for a course launch

$84K sales

for a course launch.

$92.5K sales

for a course launch.

Growing email list from

600 to 41,000 emails.

The price doubles to $3K

Let's do this

You have 2 options:

6-month mastermind


Pay options


Mastermind mockup.png

When does the mastermind start?

This program is commencing immediately, hop in and join the early-bird community!

Will you do this discount again?

No. The reason this course is so discounted is that it is a brand new offer! Once the 85% off is gone, the price immediately will double to $500 per month/ $2500 pay in full until we keep raising it until it is $10K pay in full.

Do I get immediate access to everything?

Yes and no! We have released at least a few months worth of training for you all to immediately jump into, with the remaining trainings being released as you go through the program.

What if I can't show up to the live calls?


No problem at all! You will have full access to the replays and you can still submit questions to our group coaching calls for me to answer.

Will the program price stay the same?

Nope, this price will never happen again and I will be continuing to raise the price until its $10K for the program.


How long will I have access to this membership?

For the duration of the 6 months. You will have access to what you’ve learned for the lifetime of you being signed up to Empower & Impact. If you decide to stay on, you can lock in your current monthly price forever as long as you remain a member!


How do I know this is for me?

If you are already a service provider looking to hop off the 1:1 client treadmill and make a bigger impact to more people and your income with your own courses, then this membership is most certainly for you!

Let's do this

You have 3 options:

6-month mastermind

**new payment plan**

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